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 Where did the sheep go?

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Where  did the sheep go? Empty
PostSubject: Where did the sheep go?   Where  did the sheep go? EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 3:43 am

On there server i think it was Tuesday morning Eastern time, i am probably mistaken of the time but, there were sheep and cows and monster eggs at the spawn. When i logged on Wensday the baa of a sheep was no more they all dissappeared and i also noticed the shops were gone. I am just curiouse why did u take alll of the monster and cow and sheep eggs away. Were they causing a problem with the server? Also i can maybe understand why you would take away a pet zombie but i was just wondering could you or are you going to bring the animals back? Thanks for reading when you get a chance. -Zander429
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Where did the sheep go?
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