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 Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!!

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Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!! Empty
PostSubject: Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!!   Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!! EmptyTue May 22, 2012 11:08 pm


Hacking is now a memory

I have been killed countless times on leetdeeps by hackers -_- and this new plugin will stop these h4xors. I hope you like it!!

This plugin has a multitude of features like:
1. Blocking pvp hacks completely and notifies you if someone is using them.
2. Notifies admins of suspicious activities. (dupe glitches, server crashers, etc.)
3. View if any player has been hacking in a very clean format.
4. Players attempting to use force ops will be denied access to the servers precious files.

I have included a download link for you guys!!! Your Welcome!!


Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!! NoCheatPlus_doughnut
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Hackers are finiched!! New plugin!!
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