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 So you want to join Paramount?

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So you want to join Paramount? Empty
PostSubject: So you want to join Paramount?   So you want to join Paramount? EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 2:10 am

If you would like to be in the Paramount, we will ask you if we like you to be in the faction after you have let us know that you would wish to be in our faction.

- Must be over 13 years old of age.
- Must be able to win a battle. (We will pick someone to fight you to see how skilled you are)
- Must have some talent. (Mining, Potions, Building, etc.)
- Must be liked by Headline or Buhnerr.
- We must trust you. *
So you would like to join?
- Tell us you would be interested in joining.
- Don't be a douche.

Steps to Join

- Tell Headline you would like to tryout for Paramount.
- Then he will decide if you should be considered for Paramount.
- If Headline feels you would be a good addition to Paramount he will send you on a mission.
- Complete the mission
- Give proof to Headline the mission was completed.
- Then Headline and Buhnerr will decide if you will be a member of Paramount.

*. We must trust you in order to become a member of paramount. If you fail to gain our trust, you will not be accepted into Paramount.

** Leader of Paramount
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So you want to join Paramount?
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